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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Data Security

  • As a federally authorized practitioner, tax advice communications between the firm and its clients are protected under Section 7525 of the Internal Revenue Code, similar to the attorney-client privilege, subject to the limitations detailed in Section 7525.
  • Any document with client information is shredded before disposal.
  • Client information stored on magnetic media is protected by physical security, Internet firewall, backup, and scrambled/password protected off site storage, and all such media are fully overwritten and erased before disposal.
  • A written information security program that includes administrative, technical, and physical safeguards for customer records has been developed and implemented.
  • In the course of the professional practice, personally identifiable financial information is collected. Disclosure of this information to third parties is legally prohibited unless the client has provided specific written consent. No disclosure is made to third party service providers or joint marketers. No client information is shared with any person or entity outside of the practice without express written authorization by the client, except as required by law, such as under court subpoena. This includes client lists and the mere fact that a person is a client. Information on individuals who are no longer clients is handled the same way.

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