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San Diego Corporate / Business Accountant

Anthony W. Imbimbo, CPA and Associates is a qualified San Diego business accounting firm with unique expertise in the corporate and business accounting field. A corporate certified public accountant (CPA) needs to meet several qualifications and have a strong set of skills that will help build a relationship between the business and CPA. Becoming a certified accountant is the bare minimum a corporate accountant needs to do. Imbimbo and Associates is capable of providing a full service accountant that can add value through strong leadership, communication, strategic business analysis, and client networking. Imbimbo understands the importance of additional CPA attributes that are required for a successful client relationship.

San Diego Corporate Accounting Experience: Imbimbo and Associates has over 25 years of experience as a corporate accountant. From helping set up a new business to having the necessary expertise to manage financial statements and audits, Imbimbo has helped numerous businesses with their accounting.

Client Networking: If the business is interested in growth, sometimes strategic partnerships between clients can be formed to help one another. With over 500 clients in the San Diego area, Imbimbo has a strong network for establishing strategic partnerships.

Financial Planning and Analysis: Imbimbo is a professional when it comes to number crunching, but his unique expertise helps him to make clear analysis and financial planning for a business. He can assist clients in making tough business decisions by presenting appropriate analysis.

Leadership and Management: A business CPA works closely with the client, often acting as the CFO. It is important that the CPA has strong leadership and management skills if your company plans on using them as a CFO.

Accounting Standards: Accounting standards are rapidly changing and a quality San Diego Business CPA will need to stay up to date with the recent developments. Imbimbo stays abreast of all the industry changes through constant re-education and can quickly apply the new ideas to his client’s business.

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