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San Diego Small Business Consulting

Anthony W. Imbimbo, CPA provides small businesses with tax and accounting consulting and can structure your start-up with a strong financial foundation. Anthony W. Imbimbo and Associates is an ideal asset to a start-up business since they specialize in providing strategic planning, tax consulting, technical training, system implementation, financial statement preparation and management consulting. Imbimbo provides clients with a range of services, allowing start-ups to focus on growing their company rather than worrying about finances.

Experience: Imbimbo has worked as an accountant in San Diego for 17 years and in that time built a client list of nearly 500 businesses and individuals. With over 25 years of experience as a CPA, Anthony Imbimbo has been directly responsible for accounting, finance, reporting, budgeting, tax research and cash management functions for businesses.

Bookkeeping: There are plenty of automated options to control your company’s bookkeeping needs but relying on Imbimbo takes the hassle off your hands. Anthony Imbimbo’s tax and auditing background makes him a perfect resource to ensure your accounting is managed properly.

Business Networking: As a small or start-up business, there might be ideas for growth. Anthony W. Imbimbo and Associates’ familiarity with hundreds of diverse clients can help facilitate strategic partnerships.

Client Support: Available year-round to handle your quarterly tax and financial needs, Imbimbo & Associates will act as your small business’s CFO. Anthony W. Imbimbo’s diverse professional background provides more than just tax or accounting help – it builds a successful long-term financial structure. For those struggling, Imbimbo provides an outside view to help clients through financial restructuring.

Tax Preparation: Licensed CPAs in California, Anthony W. Imbimbo, CPA and Associates know the newest state and federal tax laws and how they could affect your small business.

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