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San Diego Tax Preparation

Anthony W. Imbimbo is a trusted tax accountant that has years of experience in assisting businesses and individuals with preparing their taxes. He is well informed of any new tax law, can assist through the auditing process, and has experience with unique situations ranging from starting a business to divorce services.

Experience: Anthony W. Imbimbo, CPA and Associates has extensive experience doing tax preparation in San Diego. Imbimbo has over 25 years of experience as a CPA and has worked as a tax specialist and auditor for multiple companies and individuals. He is a licensed CPA in California and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

What a CPA can help with: Imbimbo and Associates are experienced tax consultants in San Diego and can help with everything from a simple form to unique tax situations. Common events that usually require the assistance of an experienced tax accountant are divorce, retirement, opening or closing of a business, or any other big changes that have a large affect on your financial situation.

Tax Law: San Diego tax preparation requires that the CPA be up to date with new tax law. The California and federal tax law changes annually and Imbimbo & Associates are fully aware of all the adjustments and are capable of helping you understand how they affect your taxes.

If problems arise: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) chooses thousands of individuals and businesses every year to audit and check that their tax reporting is accurate. Although Imbimbo and Associates can assist in preparing your taxes, they are also able to help you through any IRS audit and explain the details of your taxes. Having a strong CPA by your side during an audit will give you confidence and reduce the level of anxiety often attributed with a tax audit.

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