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Individual Tax Preparation

Anthony W. Imbimbo, CPA is an individual tax consultant in San Diego that is both certified and qualified to assist clients in preparing their taxes. Once a year, people take on extra stress thinking about and filling out their tax forms. As a California Certified Public Account (CPA), Imbimbo will help his clients through the process and gladly represent them in the case of an audit.

Experience: With over 25 years of experience with both corporate and individual clients, Imbimbo is a qualified San Diego individual tax accountant. His expertise ranges from helping clients prepare their first tax forms after a divorce to representing them during an IRS or state agency audit. Imbimbo has successfully defended clients before the IRS in audit cases with zero losses.

Contact: As an experienced individual tax accountant in San Diego, Imbimbo is committed to assisting his clients through the entire process. Using a CPA to assist in tax preparation gives the client access to them any time they have a question or concern.

Types of Services:

  • Current and prior year tax returns
  • Returns for multiple states
  • Amending previous years’ taxes
  • Divorce
  • Retirement
  • Assistance with deductions: Deductions can become confusing during individual tax preparation. Imbimbo can help calculate deductions such as medical expenses, taxes paid, interest or points paid, charitable contributions, personal casualty and theft losses, job-related expenses, tax preparation fees and investment expenses.
  • Tax planning: Annual tax planning is important to help you save money over the next year.
  • Handling problems: Imbimbo is certified by the state of California and can represent his clients in the case of any audit to answer the IRS questions and explain exactly how the taxes were prepared. This is a basic individual tax service that any reputable CPA will provide.

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